WPA (World Press Agency) is a world leader in providing news, images, video, illustration and other supplemental content from a vast array of global sources. It’s the content you need, without the irrelevant or mediocre material that often floods the market.

Established in 1997, WPA offers customers one-stop access to more than 40 million photos, graphics, illustrations and text stories from nearly 300 of the world’s top publishers and content creators in the multimedia industry. To put it simply, WPA has more of what you’re looking for.

Owned and operated by World News Joint Venture, WPA (World Press Agency)  also hosts private web sites for content suppliers and syndicates, helping agencies deliver their content to a wider audience.

Customers around the globe can count on WPA to meet their creative needs. WPA uses the latest in content-delivery technology to provide up-to-the-minute news and visuals to more than 15,000 customers in 90 countries. And, new content is added around the clock, ensuring that WPA customers have access to the latest news, the freshest images and the most current information.

ITN Source is the gateway to an incredible source of inspirational and iconic creative moving imagery captured over three centuries. From news to drama, celebrity, comedy, music, wildlife, natural history and film, we are also home to an inspirational stock footage selection. Growing at a rate of over 20 hours of digitised content a day, ITN Source is the most diverse commercial archive in the world.

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